Flooring & Tile Services

Trotter Services can enhance your home with incredible new flooring. From hardwood and marble to laminate, we'll help you decide on the best choice for your space. You won't believe the selection we have to offer.

Let us personalize your space beyond compare. If you want to add some color to your life, choose a custom mural or mosaic. Our designs will perk up your kitchen or give your foyer an unbelievable pick-me-up. If you can't decide, we'll help you develop your very own design.

Call today for a free estimate or contact us today for any additional information you would like to know about our flooring & tile services!

Hardwood Flooring, Sand & Finish Hardwood, Ceramic/Tile, Natural Stone, Glass, Marble, Murals, Mosaic Tile, Laminate, Carpet, Vinyl, and VCT

CUSTOM WORK - Hardwood Designs, Tile Designs, Baths & Tile Showers, and Backsplashes